Graduate Programs in Biology at ISU

Iowa State offers several interdepartmental graduate programs in biology. In particular, I am interested in recruiting students through the following programs:

Currently, I do not have open positions for graduate students. However, in the near future, I hope to begin actively recruiting new students interested in one of ISU's PhD programs starting in the fall of 2023 or 2024.

I am looking for independent and creative students broadly interested in theoretical evolutionary biology and phylogenetics. Work in my lab is exclusively computational, but I do not expect incoming graduate students to be expert computer programmers (though that doesn't hurt). When I started my PhD, I had never even considered learning how to program, so I firmly believe that such skills can be gained as part of your training. Thus, I expect that any incoming student will be very keen to learn how to program (e.g., in C/C++, python, or Java) and make statistical evolutionary biology part of their research.

Although my lab is entirely computational (i.e., "dry"), I am happy to advise students who are also interested in conducing empirical research in addition to computational work. However, I will only be a co-advisor for students planning to do "wet-lab" work and, if this matches your interests, I encourage you to also contact one of my excellent colleagues in EEOB to discuss the possibility of working with them, too.