Information for Prospective Postdocs

The EEOB Department at ISU offers a great environment for postdoctoral scholars. The departmental culture is collaborative and interactive with many opportunities for postdocs to participate in activities that contribute to your training as a future PI. I am interested in collaborating with postdocs with any research background––including those from biology, computer science, or statistics. Moreover, I am happy to discuss research projects spanning the spectrum between purely theoretical/computational work to entirely empirical.

As a postdoctoral researcher, you should take this time to develop your own, independent research program. Consider the skills you wish to develop during this time and how the training will help you attain a permanent position in whatever sector you aspire to (e.g., tenure track, government, industry, teaching, etc.). Additionally, think about your unique skills and how your contributions will be "value added" to my lab and EEOB.

Overall, I am looking for postdocs who will actively participate in the academic community. I will treat you like an independent colleague and work to provide you with the training and opportunities you need to further your career. I was very fortunate during my time as a postdoc to be treated this way and I fully intend to pay it forward.

For those seeking to apply for their own, independent fellowships...

I am excited to work with anyone interested in phylogenetics and evolutionary biology. Otherwise, there are no limits to the types of postdoctoral projects I would support in my research group. For empiricists, there is no requirement for you to write software or develop statistical models and if you pursue research in my lab, we can think of lots of cool ways to combine our skills.

If you have a computational biology background, there will be several opportunities for you to become involved in my ongoing software projects (though absolutely not required). In particular, I am on the development team of the program RevBayes and we are always happy to take on new developers and collaborators.